From February 2015, Cassana Rason will be solely in charge of kit which includes ordering, payment and distribution. Kit orders may only be placed by email and payment will be required at time of collection. Cassana will not be able to distribute kit unless it is paid for.
Because of these changes there is a separate email address which you may contact Cassana on with any questions you may have with regard to kit and to place your order. All teachers are available for advice on sizing etc but please understand the kit for your child will only be ordered if your requirements are sent by email to Cassana so that there is a clear record of it. Once you have placed your order, Cassana will confirm the total cost with you via email. You will need to bring the correct amount for payment as teachers DO NOT carry change. You may hand payment to any member of staff as the kit will be with the relevant teacher for collection.

Please check the KIT LIST in your newsletter or on the website for the item/s you require and then email your requirements to Cassana at: