All examinations both graded and vocational, are those of the Royal Academy of Dance. Exams are taken at the discretion of the teacher.  If a student does not wish to take exams then provided the student has reached the standard without taking the exam they will be moved into the class at the next level if it is deemed to be appropriate by the teacher to do so.

A note regarding Vocational Exams:
These are a very big step up from Graded exams and very hard to achieve. To pass is considered excellent but to achieve anything more is outstanding. Up to Advanced 1, marks are accumulated. At Advanced 1 it becomes much more difficult to achieve a pass as the ten sections must each be passed. If one section is not attained though the overall mark may exceed the required pass mark, the level will NOT be awarded.


– You must arrive at the exam studio no later than 50 minutes prior to the exam start time. one hour is recommended
– No jewellery of any kind is permitted.
– No nail varnish is permitted
– Whilst in the examination building, please remain quiet so as not to disturb the examination in progress.
– You are asked not to bring younger siblings/ small children where possible.