1. JOINING GPSD – Each child from school year 3, will need to attend a trial class prior to commencement at the school. This is to consider the schools suitability for a child and in turn, a child’s suitability for the school. GPSD will decide at what level a child should be placed after the trial class.
  2. DANCE STUDIO PRO ACCOUNT CREATION – account to be created by a parent or guardian prior to commencement of classes but after initial contact with the school. This information is exclusively for the use of Georgina Pay School of Dance and will not be shared with other organisations.
  3. PAYMENT – Fees are payable termly, in full at the beginning of term. We do offer a payment plan, but this will need to be agreed prior to commencement of classes. Late payment of fees will incur a 10% administration fee. GPSD reserves the right to withdraw a place for any student where fees remain unpaid.
  4. GIVING NOTICE AT GPSD – A full, Half Term’s notice is required should you wish to withdraw your child from the school. Failure to do so will incur a full half term’s fees in lieu of notice.
  5. FEE DISCOUNTS – There will be a discount of 5% off the total cost of class fees for those students attending 4 or more classes each week. 10% will be deducted for 6 or more attendances each week. There is a further 10% discount, if the Early Bird option is taken up within the designated date.
  6. ATTIRE – Students must attend classes in CORRECT UNIFORM & FOOTWEAR, with NEATLY GROOMED HAIR.
  7. EXAMINATIONS – Parent’s will be guided by the staff at the school. Examinations will be offered when a student is ready and not at the request of the child or parent.
  8. POINTE WORK – The teaching staff at GPSD will decide when a student is ready for pointe work.
  9. AUDITIONS – Parents will be guided by the staff at GPSD if it is appropriate for a student to be attending auditions. This includes associate courses, full time vocational school or youth performance companies. If this has not been agreed by GPSD the schools name MUST NOT be entered on to the application form.
  10. PHOTOGRAPHY – We may occasionally need to use photographs or video footage of the<br>children for publicity. If you would prefer that your child was not used please put this in<br>writing to the school. We will assume that consent is given unless informed to the contrary.
  11. PERSONAL PROPERTY – GPSD does not accept responsibility or liability, for loss of, or damage too, personal items. Any items that are found, will be placed in the lost property box at Watton.<br><br>12. CONTACT – It may be necessary to use physical contact where helping to improve a child’s posture or to assist in movements and to help a child understand a correction. This will be done with care and discretion and in strict accordance with the schools Child Protection Policy.
  12. CHILD PROTECTION POLICY – A copy of the GPSD Child Protection Policy can be accessed by emailing the school.